Compecs ensure that the main points are clearly articulated so that the points are illuminated effectively.

About the Service

When writing a research paper in English, even if the ideas and contents are well organized, it is always a major concern whether they are appropriately expressed in English.
Since Compecs understands these concerns, we provide only a premium translation and editing service beyond simple translation and proofreading.
Compecs checks the clarity of the main argument, the suitability of the sentence structure and expressions, and the effectiveness of the reasoning used.

Korean to English Translation/Editing

Compecs values
communication with authors.

After thoroughly understanding the contents of the manuscript, professional translators at Compecs then convert the Korean sentences and expressions into English.
While repetitive phrases are removed in most cases, if an argument must recur for emphasis, our translators will paraphrase them.

Through active and sustained communication with the authors, Compecs strives to search for ways to refine the manuscript.
In some cases, Compecs review parts of the manuscript with the author multiple times.


  • Please send the file you wish to be translated/edited and Compecs will respond with a cost estimate.
  • After checking the fees, please send us confirmation and complete the payment.

    Please also include any requests or issues that need attention along with references.

  • A professional translator starts translating the manuscript and adds comments to the author and the editor where necessary.
    Sometimes, we contact the author for clarification of some areas before it is sent to the editor.
    A professional editor adds comments while editing the translated manuscript.
    (The journal format is edited for an extra charge.)
  • When the editing is completed, the manuscript is returned to the author.