About the service

Presenting a research paper in English at an academic conference is a challenge, but Compecs can help the presenters to make an effective presentation by turning a written text into a speech.

Compecs reviews whether the presentation is logically well structured and whether the important points have been properly highlighted, considering the purpose and format of the presentation.

Compecs also offers helpful advice on posture, intonation, vocalization, and pronunciation; these are very important factors in accurately conveying the main points of the presentation to the audience, which are often overlooked during the preparation stage.


  • Submit the presentation materials (PPT, text, video, audio, etc.) to Compecs.
    If the authors include specific concerns or a presentation script on each slide, they will receive more specific feedback.
  • While editing the slides and working on the presentation script, Compecs improves comprehensibility by using proper signpost expressions and making suggestions.
  • After receiving the feedback from Compecs, the presenter may make some revisions or ask questions.
  • After the revision is completed by the author, the slides are re-edited by Compecs.
  • The presenter will receive the revised version of the presentation material. Based on the finalized version, the presenter practices the presentation, video-records it, and sends it back to Compecs.
  • Compecs reviews the video and sends final comments to the presenter in writing or provides a one-on-one consultation.