About the Service

A consultation on writing a research paper is divided into two stages.

  • Pre-writing

    This consultation is recommended to those who have ideas for a research paper but are not sure of how to start or how to structure their ideas.

  • Post-writing

    After finishing the first draft, Compecs can provide consultations on how to revise or supplement the draft of a manuscript before submission.


Since Compecs provides consultation at all stages of the writing process (pre-writing + post-writing), an accurate analysis of the scope and direction of the consultation desired by the author is necessary. After the preliminary meeting, an appropriate expert will be designated and a consultation will be provided accordingly.

  • There are many things for the author to consider before starting to write a paper. According to previous studies on writing a research paper, experienced authors devote 70% of the time they spend on completing a paper to study design and organization.
    Clarifying ideas and creating a solid structure during the pre-writing stage will not only make the actual writing process much easier, but will also save time.

  • Based on the assessment of the completed draft of a manuscript, Compecs provides a one-on-one consultation on how to improve word choice, expressions, structure, and content.