These days, the value of writing is being emphasized across all fields of study.
In the field of science and engineering, publishing journal articles is becoming increasingly important to the extent that it is considered a matter of “survival.”
Thus, many academics and researchers are interested in improving their writing skills, and voluminous amounts of information are available, which makes it difficult for the authors to distinguish which information is essential and critical.

For non-native English writers, in particular, having to write a research paper in English only makes the writing process even more challenging.

Compecs is a professional English research writing support team that provides assistance in all stages and areas of writing, from the pre-writing stage to the final editing and presentation stages.
Compecs team members have extensive experience and understand the challenges authors face during the writing process, enabling them to offer expert knowledge regarding solutions.

Through our hands-on approach, authors will ultimately be able to produce a more satisfactory manuscript.
Compecs welcomes anyone burdened by writing a research paper, or those who wish to find effective ways to articulate their ideas to the world.
When writing a research paper in English, even if all of the ideas and arguments are well organized, it is always difficult to know whether they are appropriately articulated in English.
We understand these concerns, which is why Compecs offers a premium (and super premium) editing service that provides feedback beyond simple proofreading (basic review of grammar, sentence structure, and expressions).
Our professional editors not only check the clarity of the arguments, but also examine whether the manuscript is written with appropriate English sentences and expressions and whether the arguments are placed in a logical order.

In order to write a high-impact research paper, it is very important not only to produce grammatically correct expressions and sentences, but also to solidify the logic and structure, and to highlight important information clearly. Thus, Compecs offers high-quality editing and systematic training opportunities based on the belief that they will create greater synergistic productivity for the authors; Compecs strives not only to generate a high-quality final edited manuscript, but also to enhance authors’ writing skills as they move from novice to expert writers.